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One lucky Level 1 beginner or Level 2 intermediate Groomer will win a Trip of a Lifetime to attend SuperZoo in Las Vegas USA kindly sponsored by The Grooming School/ WPA World Pet Association & SuperZoo

By simply competing at groomQuest 2019 all Level 1 or 2 competitors who are residents of Australia have an opportunity to win this fantastic prize.

The Best in Level winners from Level 1 & 2 will face off and the best groomed dog as deemed by our International judges will then decide who will get 1st option to take a Trip of a Lifetime to go to Las Vegas staying at the wonderful Mandalay Bay Casino

If the level 1 or 2 winner in is not an Australian resident the contestant closest in placing that is a resident of Australia will be selected to as the competitor to face off for the prize


2018 winner Desmond Chan had a very successful Trip of A Lifetime 


2013 Winner Mitchell Waygood won from Level 1 and we asked Mitchell what it was like to compete at SuperZoo in VEGAS




2013 Win A Trip To The USA Winner Mitchell Waygood

Sponsored by The Grooming School & SuperZoo

21 Questions for Mitchell Waygood

   WIN a Trip To Vegas Winner

Mitchell Waygood is the winner of groomQuest 2013  

“ Win a Trip to Compete at SuperZoo in the USA “ Prize


Mitchell took the time to talk to us about his experience


1. How was your first overseas trip

Was simply amazing and so much fun


2. What was it like to compete in the USA .


To groom next to some of Americas top groomers, was an awesome experience. It is so much different to our grooming comps so much bigger its crazy.


3.Did you learn anything new about your grooming.

Yes to never give up and listen learn and pour your heart and soul into your craft


4. Do you think the trip improved you as a groomer. If so . How !    

The trip not only improved me as a groomer but improved who I am as a person and a groomer. So many groomers inspired me and the way they work together and help each other out in any way and form.


5. What was the best thing you saw in Vegas

Well Vegas in general is simply crazy and amazing I loved every bit of it..


6. What was a major difference you noticed between Australia and the US grooming .              The profile on the grooming is breathtaking  and the sportsmanship is amazing.


7.         What was your favourite food .                           

 Anything green and healthy . But the burgers and pizza was yum.


8.  What was your favourite  drink.                                                                                 


Water as it was so hot. But dr pepper was pretty nice.


9.   How did other groomers take to you.  

Lets just say Americans love us Australians and treated me as one of their own.     


10. Would you go back to compete again.        OMG yes


11.Do you think winning this prize at groomQuest has been important to your development as a groomer.  Winning this was simply something I have been working so so hard for it has motivated me, given me so much confidence as a person and a groomer and has changed me for the better.


12. What would you like to say to the sponsor TGS Grooming Supplies & SuperZoo. 

I would like to say with out your help and support this trip wouldn’t of happened and its companies like you that help hold our industry together. Thank you for everything.


13.Do you think this award is important from an industry perspective for Level 1 & 2 groomers. Oh yes this award can give so much to our level 1 and 2 groomers. One word of advice BE STRONG AND NEVER GIVE UP. We are all winners for getting up there and giving it our best shot.


14.What was the best moment of the entire trip?    Meeting my idol Irina Pinkusevich



15. What are two interesting things about USA that the average person doesn’t know? You can survive off one meal a day because the food servings are massive. All their money nearly looks the same so confusing.

16.Tell me about one grooming person you met.  I met a lovely groomer who helped and supported me before and after the competition and we chat all the time now


17.  Now that you’ve been there yourself, when you think of USA grooming industry, what’s the first image that comes into your head?

 They have everything a groomer could dream of.                                                                                                             

18. What was the hardest or most frustrating part of the trip.                                        

Sitting in a plane all that time and getting use to the time difference


19. Did anything go wrong that seems funny now?                                                

 When the taxi driver took me to the wrong place was nearly half way out of town scared the crap out of me.

20.What little, ordinary thing did you miss from your usual routine? Working

21.What did you learn about yourself? This is a hard one I learnt so much about myself on this trip.

Travelling alone to another country was exciting and scary all at the same time. And that you can achieve anything if you work hard for it.



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