The Trans Tasman Cup was first held at Groomalong in Christchurch in 2011. From a chance phone call it was decided that seeing as both Australia & New Zealand had selected their own Groom Team that we should organise an annual friendly rivalry. This was organised and we now have an annual event which alternates between countries from year to year. The Aussies won the last Trans Tasman in NZ and will be out now to make sure the cup stays in Australia for 2018. It is a great way for both countries to prepare for the upcoming World Titles and also show some great comraderie between our groomers and enjoy a lot of fun and great grooming over the weekend. Our best wishes go to both teams as they play the game in the spirit that it was created .


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Point Scoring


A Groom Team consists of 4 groomers plus the reserve.


The team and reserve is announced on the day.


If one of the current Groom Team members cannot be available on the day, a substitute groomer can be included as a replacement.


Individual members nominate the 1 class that they will compete in with the point score from that class going towards their countries points tally.


Classes should be the one that the groomer specialises in and the one that they are chosen to represent the team for.


The 4 classes are :- 1. Gundog . 2. Poodle .3. All Other Purebreed 4. Terriers & More ( Handstripping ).


These are the 4 classes that you would normally compete in at the European Grooming Associations , World Teams Contest.


To determine the victor, the country with the higher pointscore is the winner


The pointscore tally is an aggregate total of the 4 team members placings ,  in the class that they compete in.






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