Poodle Challenge



Kindly Sponsored by ANDIS the " Poodle Challenge " adds some much revered prestige as to who reigns supreme as the Poodle King ( or Queen ) in the Poodle Class in their level at groomQuest. Groom Team points are up for grabs in this class, which is the most hotly contested class of the weekend. Previous" Poodle Challenges have had over 50 entries in the ring.Book in early for this as numbers are limited and we don't want you to miss out on a whole lot of furn. Some great clippers and prizes are sponsored in this by ANDIS and some Major trophies await the winners. This is the first year of the ANDIS Golden Blade awards which will go to the winners of each Level in the ANDIS Poodle Challenge. Grab your poodle and an entry form and see you at groomQuest Myuna Bay on Saturday 10th August 2018


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