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Best In Shows

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This years groomQuest is creating history and setting a precedent in grooming contests around the world 

This year for the first time there will be a massive 3 x Best In Shows

How can this be ? How can this happen ?

In keeping up with the recent growth of grooming comps and groomers interests,we are going to have an increase in classes at groomQuest 2019 and an expansion to our format

This decision was based on talking to groomers who weren't competing and asking them a series of questions


From the results we are understanding that there are a percentage of groomers who:

1. Don’t like competing in Traditional Purebreed classes such as Gundogs , Terriers etc

2. Don’t like participating in the all in colour of creative grooming

3. There are a lot of talented groomers who are quite proficient in grooming styles that don’t necessarily fit under a category in current grooming contest

With this in mind we have created 2 x NEW classes that cater for all modern grooming styles

Further to clarify these new classes and styles we have given them their own section and separated groomQuest contest classes into  2 x Sections

1) Traditional  b) Non Traditional

Each of these sections will have their own classes with their own individual Best In Show for each section

We will also run a separate Model Dog Contest with its own BIS award 

This means for the very first time there will be 3 x Best In Show awards

Being that this will be our first attempt at this new change, we will not run the 3 BIS winners against each other as our thoughts for the moment are that it would be difficult to judge one against the other but this may change in the future with your input and further suggestions

So what are the Traditional classes and what are the Non Traditional classes ?

Traditional classes are the 4 x Purebreed classes that already exist in most grooming contests : a) Gundog , b)Terrier, c) All Other Purebreed and d) Poodles

The Non Traditional classes :a) Asian Fusion , b) Salon Fusion ,c) Salon Freestyle, d) Aussie Freestyle  & e) Oodle classes

As you see we have 2 x brand new classes –Aussie Freestyle & Salon Fusion.

So what is Aussie Freestyle and Salon Fusion

Aussie Freestyle is the same as Salon Freestyle with the addition to the rules that groomers can implement subtle use of colour.

The rules remain the same for Salon Freestyle. Currently in Salon Freestyle, the use of colour is not permitted. With Aussie Freestyle the rules for Salon Freestyle apply with the addition of the use of colour. The term “ use of colour “ does not mean full on colour creative but subtle use eg tipping of ears,tails,feet etc.Complete body colouring is not permitted


Salon Fusion

Salon Fusion is similar to Asian Fusion but bling or body carving is not permitted. More colour is also permitted in Salon Fusion. In Asian Fusion colour is allowed on the cheeks but not on the rest of the dog. In Salon Fusion colour is permitted in the same fashion as Aussie Freestyle. Subtle use eg tipping of ears , tails . feet etc.Complete body colouring is not permitted 

Groomers can now let their imagination go wild without the commitment of doing full blown creatives with colour

Oodle Class

As the class suggests, the oodle class is just that. Show us your best salon trim on an Oodle of your choice.Bows on head are ok but no colour or carving allowed.

Judges in all classes look for a squeaky clean , dry coat and balance in the groom.

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