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Buddy Award 2019











The " Buddy " Award is awarded to a groomer who is judged at being exceptional at dog handling skills during the 3 days of the contest.


This award came about by an owner of a dog who had her pet at a groomers shop.


The dog deceased on the groomers premises due to negligence.


In recognition of this type of “ accident”, we were asked if we could instigate an award in memory of " Buddy " the Golden Retriever


This award is in recognition of Buddy and also serves as a reminder to all people who handle animals that there is a huge responsibility involved in caring for the well being and care of all animals globally

It also serves as a constant reminder to dog groomers that we are trusted with the life of someone else's animal whilst they are in our custody


Whilst in our care we also have a responsibility and duty of care,  to do all in our power to keep the animal safe from harm at all times                            

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