Groom Team Australia Qualifying 2021

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2020 Groom Team Australia L-R - May Wong , Jane Bourke (capt) Tiarne Perkiss, Lauren James, Shayla Knipe(1st res) Helen Forrester (2nd res)

If it your goal,  to gain a position on the 2021/2022 Australian Groom Team, the final qualifying contests for that team will commence at groomQuest 2019


Those individuals who enter the Groom Team qualification will accumulate points at 3 shows (Sydney/Melbourne & QLD ). The 6 competitors with the highest pointscore will qualify to be on the team to represent Australia at the 2022 World Teams Event


Those competitors wanting to take part in the Groom Team selection process must tick the box on the groomQuest entry form stating that they wish to enter.


By ticking this box it is necessary for you to compete in a minimum of 3 class categories ( per contest ) and you will need to compete in Level 3. Your entry will be valid once you tick the box stating that you have read and understood the Groom Team Code of Ethics for which Groom Team Australia members are expected to abide by.

By ticking this box and entering this competition also means that you have made a committment to take your place on the team should you be successful and understand that you will need to make yourself available for the dates necessary to travel and compete in the EGA ( European Grooming Associations ) World Teams Event to be held after the 2020 event.


The highest 5 placed contestants who accumulate the most points over the 4 classes will make the “ touring “ team and the 6th placed will be 1st reserve. If one of the top 5 groomers can not take their position on the team then the 6th place person will take their place on the touring team. If for any reason more than 1 competitor can not take their position on the team as qualifies at groomQuest 2019 and the 2 x following contests groomQuest replacement members will be selected by a Groom Team Australia selection committee.


Scoring will be determined by the International judges as appointed. In the 4 categories in each Level 3 class , contestants will be placed from 1st to 5th with a 5,4 3,2,1 points system awarded. A scale of the breakdown of points awarded in relation to the number of contestants apply as in the table below .


2019 / 2020 Point Scoring Point scoring for Groom Team Australia will be as follows. This point score is based on the amount of entries per class in Level 3.The points awarded are inclusive of the total of Level 3 competitors competing in that Class on the day.


Points Awarded  - 1 - 3 Entries= 1 point to winner

PointsAwarded  -  4 Entries=!st Place -2 pts - 2nd Place - 1 pt

Points Awarded -  5 - 7 Entries=1st Place - 3 pts 2nd Place - 2 pts - 3rd Place - 1 pt

Points Awarded -  8 - 10 Entries=1st Place - 4 pts - 2nd Place - 3 pts - 3rd Place - 2 pts - 4th Place - 1 pt

Points Awarded - 11 + Entries=1st Place - 5pts - 2nd Place - 4pts - 3rd Place - 3 pts - 4th Place - 2 pts - 5th Place - 1 pt

Best Groomed Dog in Show=2 pts


At time of publishing Groom Team Australia is without sponsor for the 2022 event. Though we believe a sponsor will be named in the near future. It is a condition and understanding for anyone entering the Groom Team qualification section that if a sponsor is not forthcoming prior to the 2022 World Contest that the financial responsibility for funding of the team and expenses will be shared between management and successful participants by way of fundraising activities that team members will be required to partake in.


By agreeing to this condition and entering the GTA qualification event,  it is a personal committment and responsibility of the individual that you agree if required , to participate in any fund raising events as deemed necessary by Australian Institute of Pet Grooming Pty Ltd (AIPG) ACN74142742998. 

Further enquiries please contact Les Speerin in writing by email at Groom Team Australia © 2014 Australian Institute of Pet Grooming Pty Ltd 74142742998


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This is a photo of the original

Groom Team Australia who competed in Dachau , Germany in the 2009 EGA World Teams Event

L/R Christine Speerin ( capt ) Sharon Hall ( res ) Annett Whitelum , Nicky Renwood ( front ) Tamara James ( back ) Les Speerin ( co- ordinator )

The 2011 team competed at the EGA World Teams Event in Kortrijk , Belgium.

L/R Christine Speerin ( manager ) Wendy Wouters, Les Speerin ( co-ordinator) Jessica Steen ( res ) Annett Whitelum , Nicky Renwood , Susan Bailey.

This team also competed in the first Trans Tasman Cup against the New Zealand Groom Team in Christchurch

2013 Finalists Groom Team Australia R-L Annett Whitelum (capt) Deb Ryan, Tamara James , Jessica Steen ( Res ) Melanie Newman ,Christine Speerin ( manager )

Groom Team Australia 2017 L-R
Mitchell Waygood , Sharon Hall , Melanie Newman (capt) Naomi Conroy (res) Dani Segal
2015 Groom Team Australia - L - R  
Melanie Newman , Sharon Hall , Annett Whitelum , Naomi Conroy (res) Vanessa Parsons
Groom Team Australia photo 1.jpg

Groom Team Australia 2019 L-R

May Wong , Jane Bourke , Tiarne Perkiss , Lauren James, Shayla Knipe (1st res) Helen Forrester (2nd res)

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