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Model Dog Competition Rules
The Model Dog Grooming Competition is an exciting concept, offering all Australian Groomers the opportunity to enter the world of competitive grooming! no more stressing about finding a suitable dog, Model Dogs are now readily available through Australian Grooming suppliers,often used for groomer training these dogs are also a perfect medium for the competition ring.
Preparation  Model Dogs must be brought to the competition fully prepped, ie the wig must be fitted on your model, the eyes and nose installed and the coat thoroughly brushed out.
 Prepping procedures also allowed​: Ears may be removed and reset to depict correct ear set for your chosen breed Eyes may be modified Legs may be shortened if deemed necessary for your chosen breed Tails may be modified to represent your chosen breed  Coat trimming during preparation is ​NOT​ permitted  Colour may be added
Tools Groomers are required to bring their own equipment. Cordless clippers Corded clippers must be tagged ( please check with organisers if you require power) Scissors - straights, curves, thinners, chunkers, texturizers  Brushes & combs Hair spray, texturising products are allowed to create hold & add volume 
Handling Contestants must maintain professionalism and handle the model dogs with respect at all times during the competition. Removal of the wig, ears and or tail is not permitted during the competition 
Classes All classes will be judged on one level 
 Pure Breed​ - You may groom your model dog into any breed of the Australian Kennel Club, use of colour is permitted if necessary to reflect breed, in this class dogs must be groomed to breed profile. Sprays, Banding and products to give texture and hold are permitted No decorative items such as bows unless they are typical in the conformation ring .. for example .. Maltese, Shih Tzu .. Judging will be based on profile, expression and finish
Time allowed - 2hrs 30mins
 Asian Fusion​ - Showcase your Asian Styling and or Teddy Bear Trims, we encourage the use of bandanas, neckties, bows and colour in this class to depict typical Asian Styling, use products to give texture & hold are permitted .. Judging will be based on finish and expression and must be an Asian inspired design  Time allowed - 2hrs 30mins
 Creative​ - Let your creativity flow, we encourage colour, accessories etc the only limitation is your imagination, be inspired by colour, creatures, cartoons or flowers … anything goes,use products to give texture & hold are permitted. Judging will be based on creativity, technical skill and quality of finish  Time allowed - 2hrs 30mins
Judging Judges evaluation will take into account, profile, finish, expression and technical difficulty. Due to the sensitivity of the models the Judge will not comb or handle the model dogs 
Presenting your Model Dog At the end of the competition your table must be cleared of dog hair. You may cover your table with a cloth before presenting your model dog. You must remain within arms reach of your model dog at all times. Smoothing the coat after the competition is not permitted  Adding accessories after the competition is not permitted

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