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This year will see the second “ Salon of the Year “ Awards in Melbourne.


There are 2 awards in this category.

Independent Salon of The Year and

Commercial Salon of The Year.


Independent Salon of The Year


This competition is open to independent grooming businesses who operate under an ABN.An Independent Salon is described as a salon who has a maximum of 2 people involved in the grooming aspect of the business. This includes the owner if they are an active working part of the salon and enter the groomQuest competition. Salon owners being represented by individual groomers in this competition must be able to provide proof of employment for the nominated groomers in their business with a current minimum of 1 month employment. The Independent Salon of The Year will be decided on an accumulated point score of a maximum of 2 competitors. Regardless of the level entered, groomers will be awarded points from their entered class per the Points System. The combination of the 2 groomers score will be combined to give a total. The salon that accumulates the highest total will be declared the winner.Entry Fee is $50.00 per salon.In the event that 2 or more salons are tied in the pointscore a countback system will determine the winner. The “ countback “system will initially determine a winner by tallying the most 1st placings awarded to the groomers representing the businesses involved in the “tie “. If this still does not determine a winner the result will then go to the groomer who individually collected the most first placings. If further determination is still necessary the same process will be used for 2nd placing and 3rd placing. If there is still a tie, the groomer with the highest placing in relation to the highest amount of entries in that class will be declared the winnerThe Independent salon owner must nominate a maximum of 2 groomers to represent their business in this competition.


Commercial Salon


A Commercial Salon is described as a salon that employs more than 2 employees or is a business that operates more than one establishment.There Is no limit to the amount of entries that a Commercial salon enters.Entry Fee is $100.00 per Business.Rules and Countback system are the same as Independent Salon of the Year.The pointscore for the “ Commercial Salon of The Year “ will be decided by an accumulated total of the 3 highest scoring groomers from the competition that represents that salon. Commercial Salons may enter more than 3 competitors into the classes but only the top 3 scores from that class will be counted.



Jolene Turnbull from Pet Design. Winners of the Inaugural 2013 " Commercial Salon of The Year "

Inaugural "Independent Salon of The Year " Winners

Turners & Pooch Pet Salon. Annett Whitelum ( owner ) & James Powell with their trophy donated by TGS Grooming Supplies

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